I find it fascinating the idea of building all the numbers in public in exchange of a paid access.

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Excellent news, Tony. Congratulations on the offer!

I hope you'll keep improving BlackMagic as you have done so far. I'm curious how the change to Twitter API will affect your numbers.

What I like about BlackMagic is that it's not just another scheduling tool but lets me interact with people easily, and because of this, I do it more often.

I'm currently subscribed to 3 tools, Typefully, FeedHive, and BlackMagic. If I had to pick one, that'd be BlackMagic because it knows pretty much everything like the other tools, but it focuses on interaction, which is super important on Twitter.

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Such an interesting journey, keep building more useful products! :D

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Thanks for sharing, how do you feel about Threads now? The sell seems like a smart move now? To me it does.

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I really like this part

I get paid $100K, then:

I no longer work on the thing I love

…and my monthly income is reduced

…and also, I no longer own the business.

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Congrats to the offer 🎉

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