and other updates from me in Mar 2023

March 2023

It's my first product launch of the year!
4 is launching tomorrow on Product Hunt!
It was a such a short month!

February 2023

...and other updates in January 2023 from me

January 2023

(just a quick announcement...)
Hello everyone! It's Tony again with another monthly updates.

December 2022

Indie updates, B2B vs B2C, Black Friday, surfing, skimboarding, hardware.

November 2022

This is not the monthly update, just a quick announcement πŸ˜„
Also in October: Speak at JOM Launch Asia 2022, and the thing about Elon Musk.

October 2022

Also in September: $12K MRR, built a small new app, SEO, and other updates...

September 2022

Reached $10K MRR, launched Xnapper (#1 of the week), went on Indie Hackers podcast (😱), and other updates in Aug 2022...